Reminder: this Thursday, Feb. 15th, is the last day to request financial
aid to attend PyCon and
thus the sprints. If money's a reason you're assuming you can't come
join us and improve Warehouse and other Python packaging/distribution
tools, I hope you'll apply for financial assistance.

On 01/30/2018 01:39 PM, Sumana Harihareswara wrote:
> In case you're planning your PyCon Cleveland travel: we are planning to
> hold a Warehouse/packaging sprint at PyCon (the sprints are Monday, May
> 14th - Thursday, May 17th 2018).
> We welcome package maintainers, backend and frontend web developers,
> infrastructure administrators, technical writers, and testers to help us
> make the new PyPI, and the packaging ecosystem more generally, as usable
> and robust as possible. I took the liberty of updating
> to say so.
> Once we're closer to the sprints I'll work on a more detailed list of
> things we'll work on in Cleveland.

Sumana Harihareswara
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