The big PyPI news is that we're probably getting to the beta, which we'll 
publicize heavily, in the next 2 weeks, and redirecting traffic to the new PyPI 
and shutting down legacy PyPI by the end of April.[0] (Which is good, because 
that's about when our funding from Mozilla's Open Source Support[1][2] grant 
will probably run out.) We're working on making a list of third-party services 
to alert; please help us out.[3]

The PyCon North America talk schedule is out -- including Dustin Ingram's 
"Inside the Cheeseshop: How Python Packaging Works".[4] And we hope you'll join 
us to hack on packaging and distribution at the sprints, May 14-17.[5] And 
Nicole Harris is also tentatively planning to lead a Warehouse sprint at 
EuroPython in July.[6]

We've kept on working on features, bugfixes, testing, and infrastructure; 
here's a selection of the last week's work. Ernest has been continuing cabotage 
work to manage Kubernetes credentials,[7] and our new infrastructure is stood 
up & heavily tested. Nicole's doing user tests and taking lessons from that and 
turning them into issues -- feel free to ping her if you're open to talking 
with her for 30-60 minutes so she can see how you use the new PyPI.[8] Dustin 
fixed the issue "Version lookup should take PEP 440 normalization into account" 
#445 with multiple fixes involving a canonical version for each release.[9] And 
he also updated the official Python packaging guide to cover how you indicate 
multiple emails in core metadata.[10] And, thanks to Ernest, PyPI legacy now 
has a banner for logged-in users, asking them to test[11]

Thanks to volunteers:
   * yeraydiazdiaz for password strength gauge[12]
   * jw for changing "Edit" to "Manage" in project management screen[13]
   * aalmazan for updating a checkbox to use the Stimulus framework[14]

We also brought up the possibility of changing the PyPI URL structure, in case 
you want to weigh in.[15]

Last week's office hours/IRC livechat went okay! Not as many participants as I 
would like, but this particular publicity/feedback structure is fairly new to 
the Python packagers community and I didn't do enough advance publicity. We got 
praise for the new PyPI, and we got bug reports and related comments and 
concerns (for Warehouse and related tools), and we shared tutorials and tools 
and command-line tips that some experienced packagers didn't know about. And we 
got people to subscribe to the announce mailing list.[16]

Notes from the weekly Warehouse core developers' meeting are, as usual, on the 
wiki.[17] And you can keep up with our current and upcoming milestone progress 
at the GitHub rollout board overview.[18]

And, thanks to Mark Mangoba, PEP 541 is going to get further progress within 
the Packaging WG this week.[19]

We would love your help. Please test PyPI and let us know what works and 
doesn't work for you. Please let us know of third-party services that should 
get a heads-up about the changeover.[20] And please consider joining us and 
hacking on Warehouse.[21] We have 16 open good first issues.[22]

Thanks to Mozilla for their support for the PyPI & Warehouse work, and thanks 
to the PSF for facilitating it!

[9] Several commits necessary, including:,,,

Sumana Harihareswara
Warehouse project manager
Changeset Consulting

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