Twine 1.10.0 is now out; thanks
to Jason R. Coombs, Maurits van Rees, Matthew Planchard, Holger Krekel,
Ian Stapleton Cordasco, Donald Stufft, Dustin Ingram, Pradyun Gedam,
Leonard Richardson, Jason Owen, and Nick Coghlan for advice, testing,
review, and other help.

Please do `pip install -U twine` at your earliest convenience, speak up
if you see bugs, and leave a thumbs-up at if you want to indicate that it
works just fine for you. :)

Sumana Harihareswara
Changeset Consulting

On 03/02/2018 05:32 PM, Sumana Harihareswara wrote:
> (So it turns out I've taken on a volunteer gig, which is that I'm now
> one of the Twine maintainers. I may be wrong about how to do this -
> please feel free to comment on
> which is where I'm pulling together a new release checklist for myself.)
> This is a release candidate for Twine 1.10.0 which I'm planning to
> release early next week.
> This release improves project registration usage text (in some cases
> removing it where inapplicable), and updates `--repository[-url]` usage
> text, prints progress to `stdout` instead of `stderr`, improves the
> progressbar, and reorganizes and improves user and developer documentation.
> Please see the changelog
> for detailed notes
> under "Next feature release".
> I believe this is how you test it out:
>   pip install --upgrade --pre --index-url
> --extra-index-url twine
> Please check existing open issues at
> and open new ones if you have
> problems. Thanks!

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