> On Apr 14, 2018, at 4:57 PM, Matthew Brett <matthew.br...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is the suggestion to use the `_internal` import, or carry a copy of
> the pep425tags code myself, that I have to keep up to date with the
> internal pip copy?  That would also involve me copying the `glibc`
> part of the code.  I see that the `wheel` package has an old copy of
> that code too, which doesn't deal with manylinux wheels.    You
> probably saw that `pip-tools` ended up vendoring the whole of pip9
> [1].

The best solution is to figure out what APIs people need, and either add them 
to packaging and have pip consume that as well as anyone else, or make a new 
library for the same.

If that’s unacceptable, vendoring or version pinning is probably the best 

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