Hey all --

With Sumana's help, I've been working to get the next pipenv release out
by the end of the month. As some of you may already know, I recently
changed jobs and am now working for Canonical where I have part of my
time allocated to open source work in general (and pipenv in particular).

The main pipenv release blockers have been fixes in andnew releases of
requirementslib, pythonfinder, pip-shims, and vistir, and merging
https://github.com/pypa/pipenv/tree/feature/vendor-updateto address
missing dependencies/imports.I've beenworking on these and should wrap
up this week.|[0]|

You can help in a few ways:

1. Look at the tracking issue for the new release
https://github.com/pypa/pipenv/issues/3369and speak up there if you know
of a release blocker that isn't in the list.
2. If you see me in #pypa-dev on Freenode IRC, feel free to ask me what
I'm working on. Sumana's been keeping me focused this month (and helped
me write up the tracking issue, and this email) and it's been helpful,
as I am juggling a lot of obligations and can get distracted.|[1]|
3. I could use help replying to new users' questions in pipenv GitHub
issues, so I can concentrate on the new release.  If you'd like triage
permissions on the project please reach out, I'd be happy to give them.
4. Documentation! Pipenv documentation, now at
https://pipenv.pypa.io/,needs some serious rework. So if you have any
skills in this area,the project would really benefit from a critical
review here.
5. Make sure to say 'thanks' to Sumana if you see her on IRC, she is
responsible for moving this release forward and is pretty great!

I'd appreciate the help.

-Dan Ryan (techalchemy)

|[0]:| You can look at
more context on why we've been delayed on a new release since November 2018.
|[1]|: Iacknowledge that I've been super behind on this release,but I
also have moved, had a fire in my new house, changed jobs, etc., and am
onlynowsettling into my new role where I finally am paid to spend some
time on pipenv.So, after this release is out, I hope to get back to
helping new contributors more so we can promote some more
co-maintainers, so this doesn't block releases again.

Dan Ryan
@techalchemy | Pipenv Maintainer

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