Author: Armin Rigo <>
Changeset: r3001:281124d85f28
Date: 2017-08-12 15:22 +0200

Log:    Another note about performance

diff --git a/doc/source/cdef.rst b/doc/source/cdef.rst
--- a/doc/source/cdef.rst
+++ b/doc/source/cdef.rst
@@ -314,7 +314,9 @@
 Let me state it again: this gives ABI-level access to the library, so
 you need to have all types declared manually exactly as they were
 while the library was made.  No checking is done.  Mismatches can
-cause random crashes.
+cause random crashes.  API-level access, on the other hand, is safer.
+Speed-wise, API-level access is much faster (it is common to have
+the opposite misconception about performance).
 Note that only functions and global variables live in library objects;
 the types exist in the ``ffi`` instance independently of library objects.
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