New issue 2798: Creating a global-variable PyObject in a C++ extension crashes 
while dlopening

Hrvoje Nikšić:

The attached module crashes when compiled and imported from pypy 5.10.0.

The crash is apparently triggered by global variable initialization:


// global variable - crash goes away without it
PyObject *global = PyInt_FromLong(42);

This kind of global initialization is frequently used in our in-house CPython 
C++ extensions[1]. It is safe for dynamically loaded extensions because by the 
time the shared object gets dlopen-ed, Python has been initialized and the GIL 
acquired. In PyPy 5.10.0 it consistently crashes before executing the module 
initialization function.

Is this a bug in cpyext, or is the above pattern forbidden? Is there a 
workaround to make it work?

The example is, of course, simplified - in actual code, the object would be a 
RAII wrapper object whose constructor invokes PyInt_FromLong. It is used in 
many different extensions and cannot be easily replaced with, say, a function 
that lazily constructs and returns an object.

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