I want to customize grid lines, as in:

   1. using specific pens to allow customization of grid line color, 
   thickness, and style, independent of the corresponding axis object
   2. notion of major / minor gridlines
   3. separate control over horizontal / vertical grid lines

As these specifications are not available in pyqtgraph by default, I'd like 
to understand the best way to implement this.
My current understanding is that I need to subclass GridItem, and 
re-implement GridItem.generatePicture(self). 

Even for Spec 1, I don't see a simple way to do this. Following Luke's 
suggestion (see here 
of subclassing GridItem and creating a setPen() method also requires 
rewriting the generatePicture() to replace the hard-coded pens with the 
customized ones.
Furthermore, the drawing algorithm in GridItem.generatePicture() makes it 
difficult to implement spec 2 or 3.

Before I implement such a change, I want to ensure that I am looking at the 
right method to modify. Am I right that re-implementing 
GridItem.generatePicture() is the way forward?


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