i am fooling around with a PolyLineROI 
when i add it to my viewbox and start moving it (to the desired position) 
it won't update the positions of its handles. even if it is at its new 
position and i am starting to drag the handles, the position-change is 
relative to its handles' original position.

import pyqtgraph as pg

def roiMove():
   """Print the coordinates of the ROI."""

win = pg.GraphicsWindow()
vb = win.addViewBox()
# roi in triangle shape
roi = pg.PolyLineROI([[1, 2], [1.5, 2], [1, 0]],
           pen=pg.mkPen(color=(0, 201, 255, 255), width=3)

# connect to printing function when moving something
# NOTE: when dragging the whole ROI the positions won't be updated
vb.setXRange(-5, 5)
vb.setYRange(-5, 5)

i feel like i am close to the solution or just missed some important 

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