Regarding the use of scene events: you just need to map the position of the
event to the coordinate system of your ImageItem, like:

    image_pos = image_item.mapFromScene(event.scenePos())

If this makes no sense at all, then I recommend reading about Qt
GraphicsView and how it handles coordinate system (

All that said, *probably* catching events directly from the ImageItem is
the best way to go for your purpose. This requires creating a subclass of
ImageItem that reimplements the methods mouseClickEvent, mouseDragEvent,
and hoverEvent:

    import pyqtgraph as pg

    class DrawingImage(pg.ImageItem):
        def mouseClickEvent(self, event):
            print("Click", event.pos())

        def mouseDragEvent(self, event):
            if event.isStart():
                print("Start drag", event.pos())
            elif event.isFinish():
                print("Stop drag", event.pos())
                print("Drag", event.pos())

        def hoverEvent(self, event):
            if not event.isExit():
                # the mouse is hovering over the image; make sure no other
                # will receive left click/drag events from here.

    img = DrawingImage(, 150)),
    view = pg.plot()

In the example above, event.pos() is already expressed in the coordinate
system of the image, so no mapping is necessary.
Also note that because we are capturing left-drag events, you won't be able
to pan the view using the left mouse button, but middle-drag will still

On Thu, May 17, 2018 at 9:35 AM, Talia Weiss <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm trying to write some code that will allow me to paint on an image in
> different colors and I'm very confused about how to go about it.  ImageItem
> does implement a small drawing example but as I want to extend the
> functionality further the ImageItem-draw example script has been of little
> help.
> Basically I need access to mouse click and mouse drag events on an
> imageItem.  I thought that grabbing the scene and connecting
> sigMouseClicked would give me access to that, but I have no idea how to
> interpret either the evt.pos() or evt.scenePos() points it returns.  I have
> an ImageItem inside a PlotItem so I have axes for the image, and the points
> returned do not correspond at all to where I am clicking.
> I've additionally tried to make a new class inheriting ImageItem, but
> overwriting the mouseClick and mouseDrag events don't seem to work.
> I'm overall very confused about where the mousedrag and mouseclick events
> for things like dragging and scaling the scene are even handled?  It
> doesn't seem to be in pg.GraphicsItem/etc.  This is important because I
> want to be able to paint on an image and drag it still (maybe by
> shift-dragging instead of just dragging, which would draw to the screen)?
> Any advice or insight anyone could give me on this would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Example code:
> def paintOn(evt):
>     global img
>     pos = evt.pos()
>     if evt.button() == QtCore.Qt.LeftButton:
>         x, y = (int(pos.x()), int(pos.y()))
>         print(pos)
>         print(evt.scenePos())
>         w, h, _ = img.image.shape
>         #x = x - h
>         #y = y-h
>         imcopy = img.image.copy()
>         imcopy[y-10:y+10, x-10:x+10, :] = [255, 255, 255]
>         img.setImage(imcopy, autoLevels=False)
> # Interpret image data as row-major instead of row-major
> pg.setConfigOptions(imageAxisOrder='row-major')
> app = pg.mkQApp() #alias for QtGui.QApplication([])
> ## Create window with ImageView widget
> win = pg.GraphicsLayoutWidget()
> win.setWindowTitle('Watershed')
> ## Add a PlotItem
> p1 = win.addPlot()
> # an ImageItem then goes in the viewbox to display an image
> img = pg.ImageItem()
> p1.addItem(img)
> ## Initially display the first frame
> img.setImage(np.zeros((100, 100, 3)))
> ## make the image the correct orientation
> ## only have to do this once
> img.getViewBox().invertY(True)
> #get the scene of the imag
> sc = img.scene()
> sc.sigMouseClicked.connect(paintOn)
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