Replying because this is cc'd to a QT account.  Maybe putting a captcha 
somewhere in the issue tracker would be appropriate.

On Thursday, October 6, 2016 at 1:49:31 PM UTC-6, Ryan Gonzalez wrote:
> Considering the recent outbreak involving spam-my "issues" created by 
> users with seemingly drug-induced names ("lapp lapp"? "boom"? really?), 
> I've been wondering if it would be possible for someone to moderate first 
> posts on the issue tracker. For instance, when a new account is created, if 
> the first issue contains "suspicious words" (e.g. the word "support" over 
> ten dozen times), then it would be held in a queue until a mod can verify 
> it's not a spam user. Thoughts?
> -- 
> Ryan
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