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see the original doc for the difference
The doc bug existed from the era of PySide, please fix !

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A brief summary of the status of the project:

- There is a first snapshot of the official Qt for Python documentation in
  we are still working on it, and many changes will be included in the news 
- Regarding the generation of the documentation, there are a few missing steps
  for the automation of the process.

- We are planning a set of Blog posts for the official launch of Qt for Python,
  so keep an eye on for the next weeks.

- There is effort of reduce the size of the wheels for the launch of the project
  and a few things were found. We are still working on this matter.

- Effort is being made to build a nice Tab browser example to be included
  in the official Qt for Python examples.

- A couple of issues are stopping us to merge patchs to the PySide2 repository
 but hopefully will be solved in the next couple of days

- Hopefully, in less than a month we will have heap types integrated in the 

- Many bugs were solved and are awaiting for our CI system to be integrated
 into all our branches


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