An update of yesterday's meeting:

- There is effort on completing the getting started section of our 
since it is a important part for newcomers.

- The issues with the integration system (COIN) are being mitigated, and the 
will be merge soon. The reason behind this disruption was mainly related to the 
update, related to the pypi major upgrade in the last couple of weeks.

- We are trying to include on the Qt for Python documentation a few docs related
to Shiboken. The idea behind this is to help people understand what is happening
under the hood regarding the binding generation process.
There will be also a Licenses page on the official documentation website.

- There will be a couple of patches that aim to clean the main repository in 
the next
couple of days, to have only up-to-date files for the TP.

- There has been a lot of effort on providing a complete example to show Qt's 
in action through Qt for Python. The example is a tabbed browser, that will
be available on the "examples" directory .

- We are already working on a few issues related to QtWebEngine, which affect
different installation configurations, because a qt.conf file is needed to be 
on the app deployment to override certain paths that could be not properly 

- There has been new suggestions for future Qt for Python blog posts, so we are
working on a few more ideas.

- One of the major upgrades to the project will be the integration of heap types
for the CPython implementation, this was a requirement to provide a Stable ABI 
Hopefully this will be integrated in the next couple of weeks.

- Many bugs were addressed but due to the the CI issues, we have been unable to 
them to our branches. As soon as COIN is up and running for Qt for Python, we 
proceed to do it. Please check first if there are patches on Gerrit awaiting to 
be merge
before submit yours.

- Last but no least, there has been a lot of discussion regarding the official 
release date
for the Technical Preview. The latest information on this is that the team will 
for the official Qt 5.11 release (scheduled for 31.05.2018) and proceed to 
evaluate the
compatibility and proper behavior of the project.

We are aiming to release Qt for Python mid June 2018.


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