On 04/27/2013 07:51 AM, pytables-users-requ...@lists.sourceforge.net wrote:
> Hello Giovanni!
> This definitely seems like a bug.  How was the column indexed?  Could you
> send a sample script that reproduces the problem from start to finish?
> Thanks.
> Be Well
> Anthony

Hi Anthony,

It seems that the bug is somehow related to the way I create the h5 file, 
because if I try to reproduce on a file that was created with the same data, 
in another way, the bug does not appear. Unfortunately I don't know how to 
whether the file was corrupted or not. Anyway, I have put both the ipython log 
and the data file in a zip archive that you can download here: 
https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4790924/pytables-bug.zip so you can have a 
look at it and probably find the reason of the bug -- if it is a bug at all.


Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia

Postdoctoral fellow
Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research
Indiana University

✎ 910 E 10th St ∙ Bloomington ∙ IN 47408
☞ http://cnets.indiana.edu/
✉ gciam...@indiana.edu

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