Announcing Blosc 1.2.2
  A blocking, shuffling and lossless compression library

What is new?

- All important warnings removed for all tested platforms.  This
   allows less intrusive compilation experiences with applications
   including Blosc source code.

- The `bench/bench.c` has been updated so that it can be compiled on
   Windows again.

- The new web site has been set to: http://www.blosc.org

For more info, please see the release notes in:


What is it?

Blosc (http://www.blosc.org) is a high performance compressor
optimized for binary data.  It has been designed to transmit data to
the processor cache faster than the traditional, non-compressed,
direct memory fetch approach via a memcpy() OS call.

Blosc is the first compressor (that I'm aware of) that is meant not
only to reduce the size of large datasets on-disk or in-memory, but
also to accelerate object manipulations that are memory-bound.

There is also a handy command line for Blosc called Bloscpack
(https://github.com/esc/bloscpack) that allows you to compress large
binary datafiles on-disk.  Although the format for Bloscpack has not
stabilized yet, it allows you to effectively use Blosc from you
favorite shell.

Download sources

For more details on what it is, please go to main web site:


The github repository is over here:


Blosc is distributed using the MIT license, see LICENSES/BLOSC.txt for

Mailing list

There is an official Blosc mailing list at:


Enjoy Data!

Francesc Alted

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