On 7/5/13 1:33 AM, Mathieu Dubois wrote:
> tables.tableExtension.Table._createTable (tables/tableExtension.c:2181)
>>     tables.exceptions.HDF5ExtError: Problems creating the table
>>     I think that the size of the column is too large (if I remove the
>>     Image
>>     field, everything works perfectly).
>> Hi Mathieu,
>> This shouldn't be the case.  What is the value of IMAGE_SIZE?
> IMAGE_SIZE is a tuple containing (121, 145, 121).

This is a bit large for a row in the Table object.  My recommendation 
for these cases is to use an associated EArray with shape (0, 121, 145, 
121) and then append the images there.  You can always refer to the 
image by issuing a __getitem__() operation on the EArray object with the 
index of the row in the table.  Easy as a pie and you will allow the 
compression library (in case you are using compression) to work much 
more efficiently for the table.


-- Francesc Alted

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