Hi all,

I am trying to figure out the best way to bulk load data into pytables.
This question may have been already answered but I couldn't find what I was
looking for.

The source data is in form of csv which may require parsing, type checking
and setting default values if it doesn't conform to the type of the column.
There are over 100 columns in a record. Doing this in a loop in python for
each row of the record is very slow compared to just fetching the rows from
one pytable file and writing it to another. Difference is almost a factor
of ~50.

I believe if I load the data using a C procedure that does the parsing and
builds the records to write in pytables I can get close to the speed of
just copying and writing the rows from 1 pytable to another. But may be
there is something simple and better that already exists. Can someone
please advise? But if it is a C procedure that I should write can someone
point me to some examples or snippets that I can refer to put this together.

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