On Sun, 8 Apr 2018, RonnyPfannschmidt wrote:

* removal of yield tests, ever since collection and test running are no
longer connected, their setupstate has been fundamentally broken for
anything but test so simple, one should use parametrize

Not saying it's wrong to see them go, but back in perhaps 2010 (not
really sure of the exact time) pytest's yield tests are what made me
fall in love with pytest.

That was back when pytest was still a thing that did some collecting
of stuff named 'test_*' that has 'assert' calls in it, and not much

I loved that. All the fixtures, decorators, etc that we have now are
nicely powerful and useful, but back when you couldn't do much in
tests it meant that during TDD you couldn't do much in code either,
and that was a great thing.

/me raises a glass to yield tests, bon voyage

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