Web: https://lona-web.org/1.x/
Github: https://github.com/lona-web-org/lona/

What is Lona?

Lona is a web application framework, designed to write responsive web apps in
full Python.

Web is a solved problem in Python since ages, but traditionally Python handles
only the server side. If you want to have client side interaction like click
events or you want update content live, you have to write an additional
Javascript application.

Lona handles the server side and the client side, and provides a simple,
pythonic API to write self contained views.

Lona is very easy to use. You can write a whole web app, using only one simple
Python script.


Get involved!

I released 1.10.5 yesterday. Lona is pretty stable and well tested right now,
but a major release is right around the corner. Helping hands, feedback and
new ideas in any form are very welcome.

Best regards,
Florian Scherf <m...@florianscherf.de>
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