Dear Pythonistas and solar power enthusiasts,

The maintainers are happy to announce a new release of pvlib python:
software for simulating performance of photovoltaic solar energy systems.

*See what's new for v0.9.4:*
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*Releases are available from PyPI and the conda-forge channel:*
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*Read the Documentation:*

*Report issues & contribute:*

*v0.9.4 Highlights:*
* Fitting
 and prediction
for the ADR PV efficiency model, along with several gallery examples
* An extension of the Faiman temperature model
includes a radiative loss term.
* Efficient direct
 and diffuse
models based on the Schlick approximation to the Fresnel equations.
* A convenience function
calculate one of DNI, DHI, GHI from the other two.
* The Hay-Davies
model can now return individual components in addition to global tilted
* An implementation of ASTM E1036
extracting the basic characteristics of an I-V curve.
* There were several new contributors.

*Thank you for using pvlib python!*

Mark Mikofski, PhD (2005)
*Fiat Lux*
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