Hi all,

Cython 3.0 has left the alpha status – the first beta release is available from PyPI.



The changes in this release are huge – and the full list of improvements compared to the 0.29.x release series is entirely incredible. Cython 3.0 is better than any other Cython release before, in all aspects. It's much more Python, integrates better with C++, supports more Python implementations and configurations, provides many great new language features –
it's faster, safer and easier to use. It's simply better.


What is Cython?

In case you didn't hear about Cython before, it's the most widely used
statically optimising Python compiler out there. It translates Python (2/3)
code to C, and makes it as easy as Python itself to tune the code all the
way down into fast native code. If you have any non-trivial Python application running, chances are you'll find some piece of Cython generated package in it.

The development of the Cython 3.0 release series started all the way back in 2018, with the first branch commit happening on October 27, 2018.


A list of Milestones along the way, and a long list of contributors:

Thank you to everyone who contributed. A couple of people have also joined in an effort to make the documentation reflect what this great new Cython has to offer.


Now, go and give it a try. We've taken great care to make the transition from Cython 0.29.x as smooth as possible, which was not easy given the large amount of changes, including some well-motivated breaking changes. We wanted to let all users benefit from this new release.

Let us know how it works for you, and tell others about it. :)

Have fun,
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