I'm happy to announce the release of PyEmpaq 0.3.

PyEmpaq is a simple but powerful Python packer to run any project with
any virtualenv dependencies anywhwere.

With PyEmpaq you can convert any Python project into a single `.pyz`
file with all the project's content packed inside.

That single file is everything that needs to be distributed. When the
final user executes it, the original project will be expanded, its
dependencies installed in a virtualenv, and then executed. Note that
no special permissions or privileges are required, as everything
happens in the user environment.

Both the packaging and the execution are fully multiplatorm. This
means that you can pack a project in Linux, Windows, Mac or whatever,
and it will run ok in Linux, Windows, Mac or whatever. The only
requirement is Python to be already installed.

What's new in this version?

- Added 'include' and 'exclude' configuration options to have full
control on what is inside the packed file.

- Reuse the existing project directory only if it has a complete
previous installation.

- Support the declaration of a minimum Python version to run the packed project.

- Expose the .pyz path to the project being run.

- Now used logging to expose messages to developer and users, with
different verbosity levels.

- Set up the proper PATH in the end command environment.

- Added a -V/--version option to just print the version and exit.

- Run tests (unit and integration) in Linux, MacOS and Windows.

You can check the whole documentation, including demos and examples,
in the docs page:


The project:



.    Facundo

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