I am happy to announce Guppy 3 3.1.3

Guppy 3 is a library and programming environment for Python,
currently providing in particular the Heapy subsystem, which supports
object and heap memory sizing, profiling and debugging. It also
includes a prototypical specification language, the Guppy
Specification Language (GSL), which can be used to formally specify
aspects of Python programs and generate tests and documentation from a
common source.

Guppy 3 is a fork of Guppy-PE, created by Sverker Nilsson for Python 2.

This release adds support for Python 3.11. However, please note that the
profiling process will materialize a few optimizations of Python 3.11,
including lazily-created frame objects and object managed dicts. This
means that the profiler may cause a lot more additional memory to be
allocated and as a result overestimate the memory usage.

This release also fixes a few bug fixes, including:

o Fix profile browser initialization on Python 3.10+
o Fix crash doing path calculation when a path component is non-comparable
o Fix crash when a type doesn't have __module__

License: MIT

The project homepage is on GitHub:



YiFei Zhu
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