This is to announce the release of salabim 23.2.0 .
Salabim is a discrete event simulation package that has applications in
logistics, communications, production, mining, hospital operations, etc.
It supports powerful realtime 2D and 3D animations, monitoring, statistical
sampling functions, ...
In contrast to SimPy, salabim is build around dynamic objects (components)
that interact with each other.
Up to now, that was done with generator functions (coroutines), like
class Car(sim.Component):
    def process(self):
        yield self.hold(5)
        yield self.passivate()
But as from this version, salabim processes can also run as greenlets, so
yields are not required anymore:
class Car(sim.Component):
    def process(self):
This makes modeling much more natural and less error prone.

For more information, including the full documentation, changelog, etc.
goto .
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