Version 0.3.7 of distlib has recently been released on PyPI [1]. For newcomers, 
distlib is a library of packaging functionality which is intended to be usable 
as the basis for third-party packaging tools.

The main changes in this release are as follows:

* Handle bare newlines when parsing metadata.

* Use version comparison logic for python_full_version.

* Fix shebang computation for source builds of Python.

* Extract tarfiles more safely by incorporating tarfile filters.

* Check for 'has_cert' attribute before using it.

* Fix #200: Improve conformance to PEP440.

* Fix #203: Handle parsing of export entries to allow script names such as "," 
or ",foo".

A more detailed change log is available at [2].

Please try it out, and if you find any problems or have any suggestions for 
improvements, please give some feedback using the issue tracker at [3].


Vinay Sajip

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