Trac 1.6 Released

Trac 1.6, the first version to support Python 3, has been released.

You will find this release at the usual places:

You can find the detailed release notes for 1.6 on the following

Now to the packages themselves:


MD5 sums:

fdf48328c1e744d1ce6c5212cd7f3af6  Trac-1.6.tar.gz
fbe2a2dec779b8b04d64c0a5b58b2f00  Trac-1.6-py3-none-any.whl

SHA256 sums:



Many thanks to the growing number of people who have, and continue to,
support the project. Also our thanks to all people providing feedback
and bug reports that help us make Trac better, easier to use and
more effective. Without your invaluable help, Trac would not evolve.
Thank you all.

Finally, we hope that Trac will be useful to like-minded programmers
around the world, and that this release will be an improvement over
the last version.

Please let us know.

/The Trac Team
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