New submission from Paul Moore:

When running the test suite on Windows, test_socket_ssl hangs.

After a bit of investigation, it appears that the test is hanging at
line 184 (if self.s.stdout.readline() != "ERROR\n":) in

The problem is that the test assumes it can read a line of stdout from
the openssl.exe process. However, the openssl.exe on my PC (from the
GnuWin32 project) appears to buffer its output, so the Python process
deadlocks waiting for a response.

An easy (if clumsy) fix is to simply skip the check on the output of the
server. I have attached a patch which does this for win32 only (on the
assumption that other platforms don't have this issue).

I guess that other openssl builds don't have the same problem - however,
I can't see an easy way of testing for this.

components: Tests
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severity: normal
status: open
title: test_socket_ssl hanhs on Windows (deadlock)
versions: Python 2.6
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