Ezio Melotti added the comment:

The attached patch makes the sidebar fixed and adds a scrollbar to scroll it 
separately when it's longer than the page.

To test the patch without rebuilding all the Docs you can do something like:
hg import --no-c <url-of-the-patch>
cp Doc/tools/sphinxext/static/basic.css Doc/build/html/_static/basic.css
firefox Doc/build/html/library/multiprocessing.html

Since the sidebar doesn't start at the top of the page because there's the 
header first, when the main page is scrolled down, some empty space is left 
over the sidebar.  I think this can't be fixed with css alone (unless some 
major changes are done to the layout), it could be fixed with js or the header 
could use position:fixed too.

keywords: +patch
Added file: http://bugs.python.org/file27887/issue4965.diff

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