Ned Deily added the comment:

Thanks for your report. Without more details on exactly what errors you are 
seeing and exactly what configure options the Homebrew recipe is using and 
exactly which compiler you are using, it is not possible to be 100% certain 
what you are experiencing.  Furthermore, you are reporting two separate 
problems; in the future, please stick to one problem per bug tracker issue.

As to the problems:

1. test_sys fails with Homebrew's --with-dtrace option

Python 2.7.3 does not include dtrace support so this is a non-issue.  Looking 
at the current Homebrew recipe, it appears that it is applying a large patch 
from its own repo probably based on the ongoing and as yet unapplied patch 
proposed in Issue13405.  If there are specific comments on the proposed 
Issue13405 patch, I suggest they be added to that issue.  Otherwise, there is 
nothing to be done here for this item.

2. test_ctypes fails

Most likely, test_ctypes failures are due to compiling with the OS X Clang 
compiler which is the default on the most recent releases of Xcode 4 for 10.7 
and 10.8.  Those test failures have been fixed by the changes applied for 
Issue13370, which will be released in upcoming maintenance releases, including 
Python 2.7.4.

If these assumptions about the problems you've seen are not correct, please 
re-open and supply appropriate supporting materials.

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