Eric V. Smith added the comment:

To Heikki Partanen excellent point in the review about date __format__ strings 
allowing you to combine date formatting with other types of formatting:

This is a great point. It's the lack of this that (for example) requires the 
logging module to have a separate datefmt parameter. With %-formatting, there's 
no easy way to say:

'{timestamp:%Y%m%d-%H%M%S} {hostname:^40} {count:02d}'.format(timestamp=ts, 
hostname=host, count=count)

That is, with %-formatting you can't have a single string that specifies both a 
date/time format and other formatting as well as other formatting specifiers.

I don't think the example in the patch is great, but I do think that it's a 
good point that needs to be emphasized.


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