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Am 07.11.2012 13:52, schrieb Ray Donnelly:
> Ray Donnelly added the comment:
>> is there a need for the built vs. installed prefix?
>>     this is logic not found in the python implementation.
>>     what is this supposed to do?
> You are right, it is not found in the original python implementation, but I 
> feel that it's useful. Without it, you couldn't give someone a -devel style 
> precompiled Python archive that they can extract where-ever they want and 
> embed in other software without requiring them to install it to the same 
> prefix used during the build process.

hmm, but python.pc, and Makefile still have this information. 
How would you test the output and compare it with the python implementation?

>> is `local' available in all shells? just avoid it.
> I can't be sure about all shells, but local is *very* well supported (bash, 
> dash, csh); I'm happy to remove it though as it's not necessary.
>> LDLIBRARY and LDSHARED are expressed in terms of Makefile
>>    macros, leading to syntax errors.
> This shouldn't be the case, see:
> # Replace makefile compat. variable references with shell script compat. 
> ones; $(VAR) -> ${VAR}
> +     sed -e "s,\$$(\([A-Za-z0-9_]*\)),\$$\{\1\},g" < Misc/ 
> >

ahh, ok, only looked at the file in the build location.

>> - --includes doesn't include the plat specific include dir
> You are right, I will correct this oversight.

maybe should only be included, if it's different.


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