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Here is a patch that introduces four private function for convert an integer to 
uid_t/gid_t and back, and consistently apply these functions in all cases of 
uid_t/gid_t conversions.  This should fix this issue and issues 4591, 7365, 
15301, and a part of 15989.  Also found and fixed some other uid_t/gid_t 
related bugs.

Please review and test on Windows and Macintosh.  uid_t/gid_t not used on 
Windows, need to check whether I right disable this part of the code.  
Macintosh has the peculiarities (I found yet one), need to check whether I 
missed something.

If the patch is good, I will port it to 2.7 and 3.2 (there were many code 
changes in 3.3).

nosy: +brian.curtin, haypo, hynek, larry, loewis, ned.deily, ronaldoussoren, 
sandro.tosi, sjoerd, tim.golden
stage: needs patch -> patch review
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