Phil Connell added the comment:

I've updated the type to enhancement (it seems like a grey area to me - it's a 
behavioural fix for a niche use case).

I suggested a patch rather than simply subclassing RotatingFileHandler since:
  - The subclass would just have a copy of RotatingFileHandler's doRollover 
method with a one-line change.
  - The proposed fix is functionally equivalent to the current code for all 
currently working uses.

Thanks for the offer of having an extension linked from your blog. I don't 
think it's appropriate for this case (since it's just a slightly modified copy 
of the stdlib code - I'll probably just keep the patch along with a few other 
compatibility hacks we have) although I may have something for you in future 
(we do have a subclass that compresses old logs).

type: behavior -> enhancement

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