STINNER Victor added the comment:

> Back to green for all branches on FreeBSD, thank you Victor

FreeBSD buildbots are green because I disabled the test on undecodable bytes! 
See issue #16455 which proposes a fix for FreeBSD and OpenIndiana.

> The "Mountain Lion" bots still fail. :)

Yeah I know, see the issue #16416 which has a patch. I plan to commit it to 
3.4, wait for buildbots, and then backport to 3.3.


Python 3.3 handles non-ASCII almost everywhere. Python 3.4 will probably handle 
non-ASCII everywhere.

Handling *undecodable* bytes is really hard. We cannot use the same code for 
UNIX and Windows. If we store data as bytes, it solves the issue, but we don't 
support any Unicode character on Windows anymore. If we store data as Unicode, 
it's the opposite (ok for Windows, decode error on UNIX).


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