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Here is a new patch which removes the expected skips stuff and adds a 
required_on argument to for those cases where 
missing a module is an error (in the patch it's _winreg on Windows).

If people are fine with this cleanup then the question is whether there are 
other tests that should be required to exist on certain platforms. E.g. should 
test_epoll and test_kqueue be required on Linux and BSD, respectively? Any 
other modules people can think of that should be required on a specific 
platform? If not then perhaps required_on doesn't need to be an iterable or the 
whole argument is pointless because there are so few use-cases there is no 
point in adding the support.

I will improve the message as to why a test was failed in a separate patch 
since regrtest is messy and it's going to take some work.

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