STINNER Victor added the comment:

> The issue obviously in PyUnicode_FromString() call from 
> PyCursesWindow_GetKey().
> We can try latin1 encoding, locale encoding or utf-8 with surrogateescape 
> error handler.

PyUnicode_FromString() uses the UTF-8 decoder. I don't think that curses uses 
any non-ASCII name for a key. If we get a name which is not decodable from 
UTF-8, I bet that we have a more serious issue than the encoding. I prefer not 
to change the encoding for getkey (UTF-8 is just fine).

It looks like nobody saw this issue since months, even after the final release 
of Python 3.3. I'm closing this issue. It doesn't contain any useful 
information, it would be easy to reopen it or open a new issue.

resolution:  -> fixed
status: open -> closed

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