Christian Heimes added the comment:

I've removed the remaining ifdef from the sys.flags code, and tests. 
The remaining code lines are 3rd party code. I'm not sure about the last two 

$ find -name '*.[ch]' -or -name '*.py' | xargs grep -i riscos
./Modules/zlib/zutil.h:#if defined(_BEOS_) || defined(RISCOS)
./Modules/zlib/example.c:#if defined(VMS) || defined(RISCOS)
./Modules/zlib/minigzip.c:#ifdef RISCOS
./Objects/floatobject.c:     * systems raise an exception then (RISCOS was 
mentioned as one,
./Lib/test/test_email/        eq(part2.get_content_type(), 
./Mac/Tools/    'org.python.core', 'riscos', 'riscosenviron', 

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