Richard Oudkerk added the comment: now contains support for starting 
processes via a separate server process.  This depends on fd passing support.

This also solves the problem of mixing threads and processes, but is much 
faster than using fork+exec.  It seems to be just as fast as using plain fork.

I have tested it successfully on Linux and a MacOSX buildbot.  (OpenSolaris 
does not seem to support fd passing.)

At the begining of your program you write


to use the fork server.

Alternatively you can use


to use _posixsubprocess.fork_exec() with closefds=True on Unix or 


to use the standard fork method.

This branch also stops child processes on Windows from automatically inheriting 
inheritable handles.

The test suite can be run with the different start methods by doing

    python -m test.test_multiprocessing_fork
    python -m test.test_multiprocessing_spawn
    python -m test.test_multiprocessing_forkserver


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