Kristján Valur Jónsson added the comment:

Code objects can indeed be shared.
One thing that the "recode" module does, or allows you to do, is to strip file 
and line number information from code objects.  This will theoretically allow 
them to be collapsed.

Martin, I agree the .pyc size matters.  You are right, priorities vary.  I am 
mainly focused on memory use, while others may be looking at disk use.  Disk 
use can of course be reduced by using tools like zip.  And code objects can be 
re-optimized at load time too using special importers.  But it is nice to be 
able to achieve both objectives by enabling the marshal format to preserve 
those optimizations that are performed on it prior to saving it.

I'm currently working on the recode module.  When its done, I'll report back 
and share it with you so that you can toy around with it.


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