Chris Jerdonek added the comment:

> The policy is that only the versions in active maintenance are automatically 
> rebuilt.  3.2 is technically no longer in maintenance, it's just that there 
> are reasons that we are delaying the final release.

Okay, below the devguide says it is still in maintenance.  Should that be 

  "There are 6 open branches right now in the Mercurial repository:

   * the default branch holds the future 3.4 version and descends from 3.3
   * the 3.3 branch holds bug fixes for future 3.3.x maintenance releases and 
descends from 3.2
   * the 3.2 branch holds bug fixes for an upcoming final 3.2.4 maintenance 
release and then for future 3.2.x security releases
   * the 3.1 branch holds security fixes for future 3.1.x security releases

(from )

Perhaps that was the source of confusion for me.  I was wondering if there was 
some other policy about when not to rebuild branches still in maintenance mode. 
 But given that it's not really in maintenance mode any longer, that answers my 


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