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Butting in here:
Early on in the startup, a search is made for "" using automatic 
sys.path settings.  Do the suggestions here propose to override this?  I know 
there is a -s flag, but all these flags start to be confusing.

I have been looking for ways to completely ignore automatic settings for 
sys.path, either from internal heuristics (either build environment or 
installed environment) or PYTHONPATH.
The reason for this is that as a developer in a large project, one that has 
many branches, each with their potentially different version of python compiled 
and with their own libraries, and where a "standard" python distribution may 
even be installed on the machine as well, we still want to be able to run 
scripts with each branch' own python with relative simplicity with some sort of 
guarantee that we are not inadvertently pulling in modules from other, 
unrelated branches, or god forbid, the "installed" python.

PEP 405 seemed to go a long way, although it didn't provide a means in the 
pyvenv.cfg to completely override sys.path from the startup.

I wonder if there isn't a synergy here with PEP 405, e.g. would it make sense 
to have a pyvenv.cfg file next to the file?


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