Chris Jerdonek added the comment:

> Here we're using 'positional' to refer to parameters that PEP 362 calls 
> "POSITIONAL_ONLY", whereas the regular TypeErrors (e.g. produced for 
> user-defined functions) use 'positional' to mean what PEP 362 calls 

Here the error message is about "positional arguments," which are different 
from parameters.   (As you know, issue 15990 is to document this distinction in 
the glossary.)

Incidentally, it looks like the documentation for several of the functions in 
this part of the C API should probably be updated in this regard, for example:

The PyArg_UnpackTuple documentation says, for example:

"A simpler form of parameter retrieval which does not use a format string to 
specify the types of the arguments. Functions which use this method to retrieve 
their parameters..."

The two occurrences of "parameter" here should be changed to "argument."


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