Ned Deily added the comment:

>From the backtrace it shows you are linking with the Apple-supplied Tk 
>(/System/Library/Frameworks/Tk.framework/Versions/8.5/Tk) framework. The 
>Apple-supplied Tk 8.5 in OS X 10.6 was the first release of the Cocoa Aqua Tk. 
>It has proven to be unusable with Python Tkinter and IDLE.  There have been 
>numerous Python issues opened about it.  If you wish to use Tkinter on OS X 
>10.6, you should either supply and link with a different Tk 8.5, such as the 
>ActiveState Tcl 8.5 or one you build yourself (either Cocoa, Carbon, or X11) 
>or, if you don't need 64-bit support, link with the Apple-supplied Carbon Tk 
>8.4.  See for current 

That said, it wouldn't explain crashes on Windows (can you produce a trace  for 
that?) and there's no guarantee you won't run into other bugs using a more 
recent Tk on OS X.  But you'll most likely be wasting your time if you try to 
debug anything with the Apple Tk 8.5 in 10.6.  Any Tk problems you find should 
be reported on one of the Tcl/Tk mailing lists, for example, the Mac-specific 
Tcl list (most easily accessed here: or the Tk bug tracker 

Unless there is evidence that Python is doing something wrong and you can 
provide a reproducible test case, this issue should be closed.


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