Nick Coghlan added the comment:

Right, aside from my recent revamp, much of the existing layout of the types 
section has been inherited from the pre-new style classes days when you 
*couldn't* inherit from types, and strings were the only one with a non-trivial 
number of methods.

Rearranging as Chris suggests makes sense to me - my work was certainly only 
intended to be the *start* of improvements to the builtin type docs.

The main thing to watch out for is ensuring we don't break any incoming deep 
links while rearranging things (perhaps by adding the appropriate explicit 
anchor targets). It's OK if some cases end up just linking to the page (e.g. 
that's what now happens to reference to the old monolithic sequence types 
section, as there's no obviously better destination), but in this case the old 
deep links should go to the new class docs.


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