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This patch is an extensive refactoring of help.txt and idle.rst. The first 
thing I did was merge issue5066.patch from jesstess into the current idle.rst 
file, because the original patch from jesstess was so old it had to be merged 
by hand into the 3.4 source code.  Then I compared what the merge document said 
with the actual menus of IDLE and made several corrections because of missing 
menu options.  Finally I refactored the help.txt based on idle.rst and created 
the resulting patch. Several capitalization's were fixed along with many 
inconsistencies between the two files.  

I have not tested on 2.7 only 3.4.  My plan is to test with 2.7 and create 
another patch by end of the week 12/2/2012.

versions: +Python 3.4 -Python 2.7, Python 3.2, Python 3.3
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