Martin v. Löwis added the comment:

I'd like to focus this issue; it has been open long enough, and deserves to get 
closed once the original issue is resolved - which was that "make smelly" 
reports symbols. I think dmalcolm's patch is quite a good start for that.

It may well be that other modules need to be considered - but PLEASE not in 
this issue. For Unix with shared libraries, the extension modules certainly 
cause problems, in particular if Python gets embedded in a context (e.g. 
Apache) that also loads separate copies of the same libraries, and may cause 
problems if one of our functions collide with some library. However, I see 
*two* issues falling out of this: one to extend the "make smelly" target to 
include extension modules, and the other to then fix the extension modules - 
preferably with one issue per extension module.


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