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On 22.11.2013 23:03, STINNER Victor wrote:
> I'm not sure that multibyte encodings other than UTF-8 are used in the world. 
> I'm not convinced that we should support them. If the changes are small, it's 
> maybe not a bad thing. Do you know which applications use such codecs?

I'm not sure what you mean with multibyte encodings. There's UTF-16 which
is a popular 2-byte encoding and then there are a whole lot of variable
length encodings such as UTF-8 and many of the Asian codecs in the stdlib.

While you see those used a lot for text, I'm not sure whether the
same is true for XML documents, where UTF-8 is the standard,
but other encodings can be specified if needed.

Serhiy: Apart from this being a nice-to-have feature, where do you see
the practical use ?


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