New submission from Tetsuya Morimoto:

This patch adds Japanese legacy encodings as below.

* eucjp_ms (euc-jp compatible with cp932)
* iso2022_jp_ms (yet another iso-2022-jp compatible with cp932, similar to 
* cp50220 (
* cp50221 (a variant of cp50220)
* cp50222 (a variant of cp50220)
* cp51932 (

Originally, these character encodings patch was created as result in IPA 
project in 2005, by Masayuki Moriyama. The result was contributed to several 
community: libiconv, glibc, perl, PHP, Ruby, PostgreSQL, MySQL, nkf. He had 
made a patch for Python 2.4.3 at that time, but somehow, no one worked to 
integrate. That's a crying shame.

These character encodings are legacy, but are still used. Lots of end-user 
don't care the character encoding. Unfortunately, for historical reason, 
e-mails are encoded with these legacy encodings on Japanese Windows platform. 
Actually, my customer recently reported about Mojibake since its e-mail data 
would be encoded with cp50220 (iso-2022-jp-ms).


* About IPA:
* Mojibake:
* Java encoding names:

References in Japanese:

* Japanese Legacy Encoding Project:
* Project details:

components: Library (Lib)
files: add-japanese-legacy-encoding1.patch
hgrepos: 285
keywords: patch
messages: 232638
nosy: ishimoto, naoki, t2y
priority: normal
severity: normal
status: open
title: Add Japanese legacy encodings
type: enhancement
versions: Python 3.5
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