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+ loewis as he's listed as the xmlrpc expert

If you're worried about the number of lines, turn the function into a lambda:

    proxy = ServerProxy('', transport=Transport(
        connection_factory=lambda h: HTTPConnection(h, timeout=42)))

I think that the problem with the way that you're looking at the problem:'just 
only for adding "timeout"', when what you're fundamentally after is to modify 
the attribute of an object two levels removed by composition.

I /do/ agree that this is slightly more complex than simply setting a timeout 
parameter, but I also think that it's actually quite a bit more flexible and 
practically useful.

Borrowing from PEP20: "There should be one-- and preferably only one --obvious 
way to do it.". Having a timeout at the top level ServerProxy object introduces 
ambiguity and therefore doesn't conform. Should the connection_factory concept 
be used, having a timeout parameter at the Transport level also introduces 
ambiguity. Setting the timeout through a custom HTTPConnection instantiated 
through connection_factory is an obvious way to do it (especially if 
documented) and is marginally more code.

If you /only/ care about the timeout and really don't want to be bothered with 
the connection_factory, you can always set the global socket timeout for the 
given request with:



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