Steve Dower added the comment:

That's strange, and it isn't what normally happens, so I suspect it's a 
configuration or corruption issue on your machine (possibly Kapersky Pure is to 
blame?). The 2.7.7, 2.7.8 and 2.7.9 installers all have the correct version 
information and there's no indication that under normal circumstances the 
upgrade wouldn't be fine.

We're also not investing much time into the installer for 2.7 any more - the 
builds are still coming because I'm building them, but I'm not able to actively 
maintain it beyond that - and so we don't really have much interest in 
debugging issues with workarounds.

So thank you for reporting the problem, but there probably won't be a fix 
coming for it and you'll need to uninstall 2.7.9 before upgrading to the next 


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